Conservatives should back medically-assisted suicide options

Pro-choice is the conservative stance for medically-assisted suicide.

The government does not enforce rights on American citizens. The government can not force me to own land. The government can not force me to live my life.

Brittany Maynard is dead. She exercised her right to pursue happiness. And you can not be conservative if you want to force someone to do something. You can not force me to pay for someone’s birth control, and you can not force me to live out a life sick and dying.

Maynard is a hero. She has stood up to bullies who hold a dead wrong position. I do not understand how someone could be a coward for not wanting to suffer before death. It is like calling me a coward because I didn’t cut off my pinky finger today. Both involve meaningless pain.

I am not a coward, I chose to keep my pinky finger. She chose to end her life.

I do not like the “death with dignity” moniker that has been created. People who choose to live out their life have dignity. They had the right to live out their life too. They are not cowards for not killing themselves.

Conservatives feel government should have virtually no influence on how we live our lives, spend our money, or our healthcare.

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This picture shows you that it is OK to let your kid play two sports

879I also thought it was silly not to allow your kids to play more than one sport growing up. Some parents are so committed to getting their child a college scholarship or drafted that they want them to focus on one sport only their entire lives.

This picture shows the four remaining quarterbacks. Three of them were drafted by Major League Baseball teams at one point or another. This picture is from the ESPN Facebook page.

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Contemporary Literature Notebook/Journal

In my last semester of college I have decided to take a contemporary literature class to fulfill a requirement. I am not exactly sure what requirement it is filling, but I am somewhat excited for the class. I like reading, I really like thinking, and this class seems to be geared towards making me do both.

It is likely that I will be reading everyday to prepare for the class that will take place three times a week (MWF). Our instructor has asked us to write a journal entry about our feelings of our readings, and then another after we discussed the section in class.

I thought that it would be a good idea to just go ahead and publish my thoughts here on this blog. Lets keep track of my thinking and some of the developments throughout the semester.

We will be reading two novels this year. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston ( I actually read this book in the sixth grade…) and The Road by Cormac McCarthy (haha)We will also be reading experts from Backpack Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing. Fourth Edition. Edited by X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia (That was taken straight from the syllabus).

Our first assignment was handed to us however. It was a short three page piece about happy endings. (Witty short happy ending joke here).

Description of reading: 

It starts off by clearly indicating categories. Bold A hovers above the first part and it tells of a story of a man named John and a woman named Madge falling in love, getting married, having kids, and living an almost perfect life. Everything from their job to their family is fulfilling. They eventually die of natural causes (assuming). Bold B takes a dark turn. It tells of a woman named Mary who falls madly in love with John, before he met Madge. Mary gave everything to John while John gave nothing to Mary. Mary makes him dinner and has sex with him twice a week. John is doing nothing but using her. John never takes Mary out to dinner, but does take Madge. When Mary learns of this she attempts suicide hoping that John would come to her rescue. He never does and John and Madge lives their happy life together.

Bold C shows us a plot twist that Mary actually comes in after John is married to Madge before meeting Mary, who is much younger than John. John uses Mary in a way, but seems to have more feelings for her this time around than when they were just having sex. So much more feelings that when he learns that Mary is having a relationship with someone more her age, he shoots her and her lover and then himself. Madge goes on to live a happy life with a man named Fred.

Bold D corrupts their life. a tidal wave takes out their beach side home and they must rebuild from scratch. Bold E gives the option that Fred dies from a bad heart and Madge can go on to live a peaceful life working with charities and what not. And the final Bold, point F, gives us a twist that John and Mary are secret spies working against each other.


There are different scenarios that a write can take with his or her story. However each scenario is eventually going to lead to its characters dying. No matter how much adventure and success the author can give his or her character, it will die. Keeping this idea that the character is mortal and not forever is essential to a good story. No one wants to hear about a everlasting character that will never die and can take their sweet time doing anything. Tuck Everlasting was more about the struggles of everlasting life of course. 

I feel that at this point this excerpt was to demonstrate how much freedom a write has. However how humble he or she must be with them. Killing a character is forever in most cases, but keeping your character safe is boring. Finding that nice groove of reality is how successful novels are written.


I feel that I am on here. But it is possible that the reading went right over my head. I will report back Wednesday to see if anyone else took from the passage what I did.


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Here is a funny picture…

880Saw this on Facebook today and thought that I had to share. It is funny and sad and thought provoking.

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Bridgegate: Conservatives need to stop referring to liberal mistakes

I have been a supporter of Chris Christie just as the many that pay attention to politics have. I find his tough-but-fair nature appealing. He has the feel of someone who gets the job done and is willing to get his hands dirty to get it accomplished. I was excited to watch him run for office in 2015/2016.

Now that Bridgegate has swarmed the media, people are taking their sides. The Left has started a deadly attack aiming to end Christie’s chances at any further advancement. That’s fair, this scandal is going to have its consequences, and it only makes sense that the Left will try to magnify them.

The Right will defend their guy too. Again, complete sense. However, I am tried of seeing things like this making its rounds.


Admittedly, this cartoon has two targets. One is POTUS and his scandals that the Left has demanded people look away from. The other is the liberal media. I want to focus for this purpose on trying to shift focus to the POTUS and the “he did it too and therefore so can we.” attitude that seems to be developing.

Christie is a leader in the Republican party. Though he does not hold any political office that designates him power, he has the ability to effect its platform. He is popular in America and if you are in his party and go against him it probably won’t work out for you. The Republican party is going through its own struggles right now trying to defined itself. I noticed that Christie has almost been the perfect in between candidate for both of them.

Christie is responsible. He should have been on top of the scandal from the start. However, in the last few days he has done all the right things. He fired a top aid, Bridget Ann Kelly, and delivered a powerful speech about not being a bully and correcting mistakes that has happened. Christie needs to make his media rounds to continue to stay on top and liked by the public. 

Christie is taking responsibility. The Right needs to follow. You can not criticize someone and then let something pass just because he is on your side. The Right holds the president to a high standard. It needs to hold its leaders to an even higher standard. That is the way to win the American public.

Trying to distract attention away from the Christie issue onto Obama’s (old news) problems is not the way to go about it. Stand behind the man, highlight the positives about the measures that Christie has taken and show that your party’s leaders display values and leadership.

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Timothy Geithner: our failures are your phony scandals

Timothy Geithner and the White House have designed a new tactic to combat the newly aggressive White House press core. Announcing that nearly a half dozen major events, that prove incompetence from the top, are simple “phony” or “fake” scandals.

The Benghazi scandal last year appears to be a failure of communication and/or action. Perhaps the men that served there could not have been saved. But the failure to at least try to save them is mystifying. Some go as far as to accuse the president as watching the men die without lifting a finger.

The worst part about it was the response. President Obama was quick to declare the cause was the fault of a conservative movie maker who put the image of the Prophet Muhammad in one of his films. It was later discovered that did not have anything to do with a small budget film. It was an attack.

Meanwhile, in my home town Cincinnati, the IRS was taking part in one of its largest crimes in its history. Democrats have pleaded to media and watchdogs to close their eyes and turn their heads. However, as the committee continues to dig into the problem, more and more damning evidence is revealed. It continues to rise up the chain of command, now one of Obama’s own appointees are accused to be involved.

Geithner insulting the press core and the American people by announcing these two, and other, stories as phony is a disgrace. He’s lying, and he’s just not very good at it.

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Big Brother Power Rankings July 19th

Helen’s HOH was a huge success as she accomplished everything she wanted. She used her power to learn the biggest secret in the house (The Moving Company) and back doored the strongest player on the other side of the house. It was perfect.

Now that Judd is in power, it will be interesting to see if the sides of the houses stay the same or if new alliances changes everything drastically. With 13 players in the house, and only three on the one side, the house is going to have to split sooner or later.

Judd could use this week to make new deals with different players. He should have already won Jesse’s vote, he would need five more to take out a big player like Ellissa, Helen or Howard. I am not sure if he could work that out.

More likely, his target will be Aayrn. America will be happy.

Now for the rankings:

13 Aaryn Aaryn is again the target this week. Though she has shown signs of remorse and change this week, it is not enough. She is still one of the worst players in the history of the game. (Still in last)

12 GinaMarie Crazy lady GinaMarie has worried more about Nick’s hat than making any deals or alliances. She continues to isolate herself from the house, and that’s not going to work for her. (Still second to last)

11 Howard Howard has failed. He is known throughout the house for being untrustworthy. He’s lied to the wrong people at the wrong time and will now be used because he has put the burden on himself to prove his loyalty. Amanda is not afraid to send him home, and I worry that she may be able to convince Judd to start one new alliance around getting him out this week. (-2)

10 Spencer Spencer had it all going for him, but now he has to start from scratch. He’s not the most physical guy but he has a great understanding of the game. He can fight back, but I still think letting Nick be voted out was awful. (-2)

9 Kaitlin Though her social game has lacked, she has been a strong competitor during the HOHs. She is also cut from Jeremy which will only help. I look for her to move up in these rankings once Aaryn is eliminated too. (+1)

8 Andy I put Andy here, dropping him, because he hasn’t really done much. He has strengthen bonds, and put him in a good place when the house divides. But other than that… (-1)

7 McCrea I blasted McCrea last week, but I think I was too hard on him. Though he I’d now a servant to Amanda, there are worst people to align with. I guess he’s OK for now. (+4)

6 Candace Candace has done a good job at staying out of the fights. She is sitting well right now. Her loyalty for Howard could shake up the house because she’s a smart player that won’t go down without a fight. (-1)

5 Jesse The reason why she moves up one is because she’s in a showmance with the HOH! (+1)

4 Elissa Elissa moves down three spots because I am aggravated with her about how she used the MVP. She should have followed Amanda’s advice, but instead put up Spencer. She also got defensive. That worries me down the road. (-3)

3 Judd Judd has played a good game and had a terrific week. I asked him last week to strengthen bonds and he did it. Things are great in Judd’s world. (+1)

2 Amanda I love Amanda. I think she has both brains and looks. I think she has a great chance of winning this game. (+1)

1 Helen Helen is an amazing Big Brother player. She has has done everything properly, and has pulled two rabbits out of the house. She has no enemies ( well maybe Kaitlin?) but she is good to go. (+1)

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