Cardinals Take Early Advantage, Tigers Double It.

The 2012 MLB postseason has been fantastic.

Drama, upsets and heartbreaks have become the norm, and every game has been wroth the watch

The ALCS and NLCS are no exceptions. The St. Louis Cardinals were able to take a 6-1 lead and hold off the surging San Francisco Giants that looked to give the redbirds a taste of their own medicine. While in New York, the Detroit Tigers took two from the Yankees.

However if you have not learned that you can take nothing for granted in baseball yet, then you are probably beyond help.

Ryan Volgelsong will take the mound for SF tomorrow. The last time he was on the mound, he played stopper and matched the Cincinnati Reds Homer Bailey through seven innings. He will have to do so again, this time against Chris Carpenter.

This match up will be a great one. Though neither team is playing for their lives at this point, the two pitchers have been the best on their team so far in the playoffs and each team depends on them to keep, or get, the ball rolling.

On the flip side, the Tigers maybe sitting pretty here. With seemingly every Yankee hitter either injured or in a massive slump, it would take an enormous comeback for the Yankees to catch up. And I am sure if they would do it, we will hear about it.

over, and over and over again.

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