Winners and Losers~~~~NFL Week 6

The NFL is full of winners and losers week to week. Sometimes teams lose, but still win. Sometimes teams win, but still lose. And other times…they just lose. 

LOSER: Oakland Raiders

This is a classic example of choking away the early part of the season. The Raiders were tied late in the fourth quarter to the Atlanta Falcons, but allowed Matt Ryan and company to drive down the field and win the game.

The loss drops Oakland to 1-4, which sucks. What sucks even more is that at 2-3, they would have had a legit shot at the AFC West. Now though, the Raiders must beat Jacksonville next week. It is early, but they can not drop a game at home to these guys.

WINNER: Baltimore Ravens

Already knowing that they were the best team in the AFC North, they watched as their two biggest competitors fall to teams they should have beat. The Pittsburgh Steelers choked against Tennessee, and the Cincinnati Bengals got their butts kicked by the Cleveland Browns.

Baltimore, meanwhile, took care of their business and defeated the Dallas Cowboys. Though they got help from the Cowboys, a win is a win and they pushed their lead to two games over the Bengals and two and a half over Pittsburgh.


The Ravens may have turned into losers. Despite winning, they lost their heart and soul of their defense. Ray Lewis is OUT for the year. Though they do have a lead in the division, how long can they keep it? Will the defense deteriorate now that Lewis is not on the field?

This has gotten very interesting…but mostly sad.

LOSER: Chicago Bears

The Bears did not play in week six, so they got a good view of the Packers from their TV sets. The Bears are a good football team, and will compete for the NFC North crown. Minnesota will likely not be there at the end of the season, thought they have been great here in the early parts. It is the Packers they will want to watch out for.

And the Packers are back. They are a winner this week. And next week they have the St. Louis Rams who has problems they need to deal with. The Rams will not roll over though, as St. Louis is still not out of their division race. THINK OF THAT!

Winner: The Miami Dolphins

What? With everyone sitting at 3-3 in the AFC East, it’s anybody’s ball game. And I am not fast to write off the Hard-Knock Dolphins. Though they had a rough early start, they have turned it on lately with wins over Cincinnati and St. Louis. They are heading into their bye this week on a high. ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!

I may have more later on tonight. I will try to bring you a Power Ranking list tomorrow as well. 

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