NFL Power Rankings~~Week Six

I think I will just go ahead and rank every team from 32-1, 1 being the best of course. This is going to take some work, so I will just start now.

32. Cleveland Browns

They beat a terrible Cincinnati Bengals team in week six, but it was not enough to make me feel that they are any better than the worst team in the NFL. Another win soon will change that immediately  however.

31. Oakland Raiders

Carson Palmer…

30. Carolina Panthers

I am sold on Cam Newton. I am not sold on Cam Newton beating an NFL team by himself.

29. New Orleans Saints

 Sean Payton is going to have a mess to clean up when he gets back. I can’t believe having twelve head coaches is not working out for them. New Orleans will not be seeing the super bowl, unless they get tickets because of it being at their stadium. 

28. Kansas City Chiefs 

Living in complete irrelevance, the Chiefs still do have a football team. They’ve diddled against the Ravens before losing, and last week was blasted by Tampa Bay.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

People need to stop worrying about the money having written “In God we trust” on it. It could be much worse. Imagine if your NFL team was selling “In Blain Gabbert We Trust.”

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Probably a little underrated here. They’ve played so really good teams tough and have won the games they were expecting to win. Next weeks game against New Orleans is probably a must win. If they pull it off see them shoot up the rankings. They’d deserve it.

25. New York Jets

Until they start Tebow they will never move higher than this. They can however move back.

24. Indianapolis Colts

Don’t stop believing. Though they were destroyed by a Tebowless Jets, they can still sneak into competitiveness with a couple wins.

23. Cincinnati Bengals 

Trying to win with talent alone will never work. Until they start playing like a unit they will not be a competitor for anything besides a top ten draft pick.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers 

Do I think they will finish the season here? Hell No. But until then….

21. Tennessee Titans 

They have a couple winnable games coming up. They are gunning for a wildcard spot and I can see them getting in if they keep fighting. They play in a division were there are two teams waiting to be beat.

20. St. Louis Rams

I want to write them off, but I can’t. They are in last place in their division, but they play in  a good one. Plus, they have already beaten two of them. I’m keeping an eye on them.

19. Buffalo Bills 

The Bills are tied for first place in their division. So is everyone else (be honest, you saw it coming). The Bills are the worst team in that division, so they are number 19. (Just six above New York).

18. San Diego Chargers

Choke, choke, choke, choke, choke. Should be placed lower than this, but Payton Manning was involved.

17. Philadelphia Eagles 

3-3 with that team is pathetic. Can’t win with talent alone people.

16. Minnesota Vickings 

They had a good start, but are they actually for real? Really? Really?

If they are, then they will have no problem moving up in later weeks.

15. Arizona Cardinals 

They started great, but has been pretty bad since. They drop to 15, but season is still well alive.

14. Miami Dolphins

Dolphins were apart of my winner circle yesterday. I think they deserve to be in the top 15 . So I put them there.

13. Detroit Lions 

They are a good team with a rough start. I can see them turning it on though in the second half of the season.

12. Dallas Cowboys

Way overrated, sorry about this people.

11. Denver Broncos 

They will likely win their division. However, I don’t see them at this stage advancing far into the playoffs. We shall see.

10. Seattle Seahawks

Eh, if it was not for the replacement refs they are 3-3 and middle of the road. Now they are 4-2 and in first place. Take it or leave it.

9.  San Francisco 49ers

Get spanked and get dropped. That’s what I always say, yo.

8. Washington Redskins

Top 10? Are you kidding me? Nope, RG3 is great, and so is that football team. I will go ahead and say it, three draft picks was a great deal. You hope to land a player like RG3 with first round picks.

7. Houston Texans 

Got beat up a bit huh?  dropped.

6. Baltimore Ravens

My winners turn big losers Baltimore Ravens are without their field general. Time for Joe Flacco to step up. He has to lead this franchise now.

5. New England Patriots

Likely to be in the playoffs (I’m going out on the limb!), the Patriots are in great position. Just got to keep winning.

4. New York Giants

The Giants are good, a little too good maybe? They are supposed to limp into the playoffs. That is going to be their downfall!

3. Chicago Bears

Sorry, I did it. You are now second best in your division.

2. Green Bay Packers

Here they come! The Packers fired on all cylinders Sunday and, to me at least, proved they are one of the best teams in football.

1. Atlanta Falcons

Being the best team in football gets you the number one spot in my books.

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