Obama vs. Romney: What America Says

Yep, I am going to dip my foot inside the political pond. I will be upfront, I have a conservative lean. However, I feel that I can be unbiased when discussing campaign strategies and the political culture that has taken over Washington D.C. I will prove it here. 

Throughout the first nine months of the year, President Barrack Obama was cruising to a seemingly easy victory over challenger Mitt Romney.

But, after the first debate things have changed. Romney, speaking with a soft voice that yet has strength in it, has climbed the polls in record time. People who once thought Romney  as a hungry, capitalistic pig, now plan to vote for him.

This entire thing is mind blowing.

A recent Gallup Poll shows that in Ohio, 50% of voters who know they are going to the polls on November 6th will be choosing Romney as their next leader. Obama comes in at 46%. Add to that, Obama’s team has been on the attack in the state.

Attack ads from Obama and friends have played on TV’s daily, hourly. During the MLB Playoffs and Sunday Night Football, Obama has poured millions of dollars into the state in recent weeks. But none of it has worked. Romney continues to stride.

20 days to go, Romney is up 6% nationwide according to Gallup. That is enough to be statistical significant.

Romney is winning.

How did we get to this? How has the “American Comeback Team” comeback in this election? Was the first debate really that important?

It was.

President Obama had a chance to knock Romney out. He had the guy on the ropes, but he decided to work the body and missed his chance.

He was who he thought he was, and he let him off the hook.

I have been thinking about writing an essay on the importance of Presidential Debates. And I think I am going to have to after this election.

I think everybody should be interested to find out what happens after nearly 70% of the population believes that a candidate won an election, especially the first one (that is usually the most anticipated one).

Can the loosing team recover? In the Vice Presidential debate, many felt that it was either a draw, or Joe Biden’s sly, disgusting smile won the debate. And Tuesday night many people thought that Barrack Obama was ahead. But still, polls numbers have not adjusted.

You can be sure that the media will build the third debate as one of the most in US history. They maybe right, but there is no reason to believe it at this point.

If Romney plays it close, stays on target and has no other scandals from now to the election, he has it.

–Can you imagine if Obama’s team did not have the 47% comment to work with. This thing would be over!

20 days, that’s all we have left. Forward or a Comeback. America is saying Comeback as of right now, but things could ‘change’.

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