Game Day


College Football will be taking place all day. I still am not sure how I will write up these type of days, but I think I ought to start by giving a ‘game of the day’.


#7 South Carolina vs. #2 Florida -3.5

That is not a pick, that is just the line.

Florida has been under fire this week after the first BCS ranking listed them ahead of Oregon. The Ducks responded by destroying Arizona St.

Florida does not need to beat the Gamecocks by 22 to prove they belong among the top. However, they probably do need to win by more than four points.

Of course, all this does not matter as Alabama is ranked number one. So sooner or later Oregon will jump one of them as long as they all three continue to win.

Biggest Blow Out

Big XII Match up: #4 Kansas St. vs. #13 West Virginia  -2.5

West Virginia was destroyed by Texas Tech last week, and are way overrated.

Kansas St. may run the score up here, and I am not entirely sure what Odds makers are thinking by making WVU the favorites.

Enjoy the games everyone!

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