San Francisco Poise to do it Again

The Giants entered Game five with their season on the line.

But like the last series they played in, they were able to grind out a crucial win in their first potential elimination game to extend the series.

“See you tomorrow” Pence has said since the Giants faced a elimination in Cincinnati nearly two weeks ago.

The Giants will see each other again.

Capturing a 5-0 victory, San Francisco had not looked as good as they did Friday night. With both offense and defense clicking, the Giants hope to wide the wave of momentum Sunday and push the series to a deciding game seven.

The Giants will be pitching their best of the postseason Ryan Vogelsong. With a 1.29 ERA, Vogelsong will have the Bay Area will be rocking.

Awaiting game seven, will be Mr. Postseason himself, Matt Cain.

The Giants are sitting in a really good place believe it or not. And it was because of a great game five. The Cardinals missed their chance to close the door.

Will they pay?

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