Great Endings Sunday

A game winning drive, a defensive stand and Two two minute warning touchdowns in one game capped of a great Sunday afternoon.

The timing decisive plays could not have worked out better for out of market viewers, who were able to watch FOX NFL SUNDAY and see all the action as it played out. It could not have been scripted any better.

In the first game, RG3 proved that he was legit by converting a fourth and ten that required him to move away from the pocket, dodge two defenders near the sideline, and find his tight end who was making his way towards the line of scrimmage in the middle of the field. He then took off for nearly a thirty yard gain. Two plays later he found Santana Moss with a perfect throw.

But Eli Manning was not to be outdone. After RG3 pulled off his miracle, Manning took his turn and found Victor Cruz for a 77 yard touchdown. It was enough to seal the deal for the New York Giants.

Next it was the Tennessee Titans who was able to clinch the game in Buffalo with a last minute touchdown that put them up a point with just a minute to play. Buffalo turned the ball over on downs, while the Titans captured their third win of the season.

Finally, the New Orleans Saints almost saw their lead fall. However,  was saved by the end line. with no seconds left, Josh Freeman found his receiver in the back of the endzone to all but tie the game. However, the officials ruled that Mike Williams was pushed out of bounds and therefore ineligible to catch the ball. The ten second run off finished the game, and the Saints escaped with the victory.

This is why football is so popular. Days like these where anything can happen.

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