Predicting Every NFL Game~~ Week 7

This is selecting winners and losers, the spread has no bearing. I may mention the spread, but I am not making these selections for betting purposes.

Title says it all, lets start. 

San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

I predict that the 49ers win 13-6. I maybe cheating here…

Titans vs. Bills -3

Bills are home, but I am taking an upset by selecting the Titans

Browns vs. Colts -1.5

The Browns got the best of the Colts last season, but I think this season they will not be able to repeat the feat. Colts Cover and win by as much as five.

Packers -5 vs. Rams

I understand that the Rams are home, but this spread is way to low. The Packers are about to look like juggernauts. It started last week, and it continues tomorrow.

Cardinals vs. Vikings -6.5

I’ll take the Cardinals.

Redskins vs. Giants -6

I’m an RG3 supporter, but I think the Giants are playing too good of ball right now.

Saints -.5 vs. Buccaneers 

Bucs need this one at home against a plane crash of a situation like the New Orleans Saints.   I’ll give them it.

Cowboy -2 vs. Panthers


Ravens vs. Texans -7

Ravens may surprise people here, I would be one of them if they pull it out.

Jaguars vs. Raiders -6

Jaguars suck less than the Raiders…

Jets vs. Patriots -10.5


Steelers -1 vs. Bengals

The Bengals have been awful the past two games, but the Steelers have not been much better. Cincinnati must have the downtown area rocking, and the Bengals must come out fast if they hope to pull off the upset.

Lions vs. Bears -6.5

I have been hard on the Bears lately, so why stop now?

–Yell at Parker about his dumb picks on twitter @ParkerPerry_

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