Romney Starting New Aid Campaign in Ohio

After the awful first debate performance by the president three weeks ago, the Obama campaign team decided that they could not wait to spend their resources in key swing states.

Launching attacks and pro-Obama commercials, they were unable to save Florida but kept Ohio rather close.

Now, with the money saved and just two weeks before the election, the Romney campaign  are in the early days of a massive media blitz that paints Mitt Romney as a uniter, and as someone who has and will reach across the isle to get things done.

Despite your political views, his words are right. The winner of the election needs to be able to bring the two parties together. The winner can not screw up.

With Obama leading Ohio 49% to 48%, the polls show that the lead is not significant. Meaning that Gallup has no clue who would take the state if the election was held tomorrow.

According to Washington Post, the two candidates have raised a similar amount of money. Obama has $975 million, while Romney sits just behind at $970 million. However, Obama has spent over $770 million of it, while Romney has spent below $640 million.

The Romney team hopes that by the end of their strategically placed blitz, they have won north of three percentage points. That will allow them to head into November 6th feeling really confident about their chances.

17 days.

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