Everything will be Posted Wednesday

I have an unusual long day today, therefore I must postpone my NFL Power Rankings till Wednesday.

I will give you a quick rundown of my thoughts on the debate now, and will try to write something up tomorrow as well.

I felt that Obama had his moments, but Romney did a good job not taking the bait that the president wanted him to and kept his eyes on the big picture.

  • When President Obama spoke about Romney not wanting to move heaven and earth to kill Bin Laden, and how he accomplished the feat, I thought it was really well done. I posted on Facebook that I felt it could even be made a commercial
  • I felt that when President Obama spoke about not having horses and bayonets, he sounded very un-presidential. I felt that it had massive arrogance and will hurt him in the long run
  • Romney did fantastic job by painting himself a peacekeeper and not a war monger. His opening statement about diplomacy was very well done.
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