One may call it fools gold for Republican Presidential candidates, but others are calling Pennsylvania entirely possible in 2012.

“Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney made his first foray into Pennsylvania on Sunday night. The Romney campaign argues that it is trying to expand the electoral map by winning a state that Barack Obama has been expected to win. They are trying to portray his visit to Pennsylvania as a show of confidence; but it is more a show of desperation”

–Peter Prime, Polymic

A desperate man with many avenues to the White House maybe.

Pennsylvania was supposed to go Blue (a very dark blue) all throughout this 2012 election cycle. However, in a shift that would make John Kerry blush, the state just east of the state that was supposed to decided the election is making heads turn.

Polls are out today that say that President Barrack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are in a deadlock, and that the race is completely up for grabs. Right and left leaning agencies say that their candidate are just points ahead, but well within even their margin of error.

If the challenger is able to pull off the giant upset, his electoral map opens up very wide.

If he carries the state, that would put him at 211 with all the swing states yet to vote. The combination of Florida (where he leads), Virginia (where the race is deadlocked), North Carolina (tied) and his home state of New Hampshire gives him the election.

That scenario once again leaves out many swing states. For instance, it is likely that Romney will carry Colorado. If he scores both Pennsylvania and Colorado, he would just need Florida, Virginia/North Carolina and Iowa to win the White House.

If you think that Penn is just a pipe dream for Romney, the Obama campaign team thinks otherwise. Today they sent their big dog, Bill Clinton, to the state to try to savage votes. They are worried about it.

Florida is the must win of the election, and Pennsylvania would be icing on the cake.

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