New Black Panther Party, Nate Silver vs. Dick Morris, and Election Day 2012

We are now three hours away from the polls closing in swing state Ohio, and controversy and early resluts are swarming.

It came out around 1:00 that both Ohio and Pennsylvania were showing signs of going to Romney, no recent results or rumbles have been published since. It will be intresting tonight, especially with the wide variety of opinions that have been shared over this election.

Nate Silver, the politcal polling anaylist for the New York Times have been very unforgiving in his prediction that Obama curise to victory tonight. He predicts that Obama scores 313 electoral points. Dick Morris, on the other hand, has a different take. He announced yesterday that he sticks by his ‘Romney blowout’ predictions, and even went as far to say that he beleived that Romney will carry upwards of 320 votes by the end of the night.

Pennsylvania, which I wrote about yesterday, is the center of controversy today. The New Black Panther party is now ‘monitoring’ polling areas in Philidelphia.

It is unbelievable what people can get away with when they just do it.

We will check back tomorrow to discuss (hopefully) the final results. Then we can get back to sports.

Maybe even talk a little bit about the now 3-0 New York Knicks.

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