Obama Rocks and Stock Market Rolls (Downhill)

That was not even close.

President Barrack Obama swept every swing state in the 2012 election to win with 332 electoral points.

Though most of the swing states were very, very close, Obama took them all.

The stock market was not too please by the end result. Because many investors wanted to capitalize on a Romney upset, they invested in coal and other industries that the Republican candidate would have favored.

Now that the President has four more years, and coal is likely to be attacked again and again by the administration, investors are cutting their losses and getting out of the way. Que plunge.

The Dow closed down 2.1 percent Wednesday, it’s worst of the year. And Apple continued to dive. It will be interesting to see what investors make of this in the coming days. Will people try to lay off (Mercury News now calls it Bear Territory)? Or will they give Apple a hand and put their faith into the technology mogul.

No, this is not all President Obama’s fault. Though it is clear that Wall Street dislikes the administration due to its lack of vision and its knack of keeping everything unstable and unpredictable. It also has a lot to do with Europe.

Greece is still on the edge of actual collapse, and because of it investors in America are afraid. They can not take risk like they want to, and because of that they can not make their profit.

Therefore, neither can anyone else.

Over the coming days expect Wall-streeters to find something to invest into, and it should help the market. But in the long run do not expect any major player to make a big move, because that would be a gamble and no one likes loosing money.



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