Three Road Teams and Three Victories

The Houston Texans, the Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots got on the plane, left their families and beat their opponents on Thanksgiving.

The Texans kept fighting. With little to play for due to their massive lead in the AFC south, and five games to play to deal with clinching the number one spot in the conference, it would have been easy for Houston to roll over and let Detroit have their day.

However, they did not do that. They once again proved that they are a championship caliber team by strapping up their boots and going to work. Regardless of being down four times in the game, the never give up Texans forced the game into overtime. They eventually won it 34-31. Although it was not without controversy.

Justin Forsett 81 yard run in the third quarter came after his elbow and knee was clearly laying on the ground. Because it was so obvious, Lion head coach  Jim Schwartz feverishly threw his challenge flag. However, because every scoring play is reviewed, him throwing the flag constitutes an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on his team, which is bad. It also negates the automatic review from upstairs, which is a mind-numbing rule and a lot worst on his part.

Even though there was a ton of controversy, I will remind you that the Texans were driving down the field during that series. And also that the Lions had a chance to win the game in overtime with a field goal that hit the upright and fell into the endzone. You can complain all you want Lion fans, I will agree with you, but at the end of the day your team still blew it.

The RG3 legend continued to grow in Dallas Thursday.

Scoring four touchdowns (three touchdown passes from Robert Griffin III) in the second quarter, the Redskins took an early lead that the Dallas Cowboys could not make up. It really was not even that close.

Though Dallas did score 28 points in the second half, they still lost by ten. 38-28.

At the end of the day however, and though the RG3 story is nice and continuing to get better, the Cowboys are the ones still competing to make the playoffs. While the Redskins have to swim through earth’s core to make it.

Did anyone catch the Jets make a fool of themselves on National Television? Oh, everyone did–because it was on national television? I get it.

In what was a laugher, because the Jets not only were blown out but played some of the worst football that I possibly have ever seen before (And I am an Akron Zip football fan!!!).

It was ugly, real ugly. I just don’t think anyone can convince me that it would be an awful idea to put Tebow in for a start next week. Even if Mark Sanchez is going to be your quarterback for ten years, he has played poorly enough to earn himself a place on the bench for a single game.

It’s just one. What are you afraid of? That Tim Tebow may win a game and force you to play him again in the following week? I can understand that, because there is a high chance of exactly that happening.

I am thankful for all of my visitors and followers of this site and my work. I appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart. I love talking to you on twitter and I hope that you continue to acknowledge my internet existence.


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