Week 12 NFL Winners and Losers: Cincinnati Bengals Tim Tebow, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints

We are nearing the end of our 2012 regular season journey, and the importance of being winner increases with every week.

Here are the Week 12 Winner and Losers

WINNER: Washington Redskins 

Thanksgiving, in front of the entire nation, the Redskins was able to stick it to America’s team.

RG3 threw for four touchdown passes in the biggest game of his professional career. And for most of the game the Redskins dominated.

With the victory, the Redskins move to 5-6 on the season, and have an outside shot at a playoff birth. They are two games behind the Green Bay Packers for the sixth seed, but if they continue to play like they have I would not be surprised to see that gap narrow as we get closer to the end.

LOSER: Detroit Lions 

With a lost, that saw the Lions continually take cheap shots at Texans players, the Lions playoff hopes are all but dead. Sitting at 4-7, the Lions are more focused staying above the line of mediocrity than competing for a title.

The dirty, dirty,  Ndamukong Suh will not see a suspension, even though it is 100% deserving, If nothing else, his man card has been revoked. And yes, I am willing to be the one to go and take it. I may get an ass beating for it, but I promise I will face it straight up. I won’t try to pick-pocket it, or punch him in the balls, like I am sure he would. Unlike him, I have some dignity.

WINNER: Baltimore Ravens

I was nervous, and even called them the big loser, when Ray Lewis went down. But all the Ravens have done since is win. They have proved that they are a football team with many dimensions.

LOSER:  New Orleans Saints 

After starting so rough, the Saints needed a big run to get back in playoff contention. But with their lost to 49ers, things have become very complicated for them.

It is unfair to call a team who have won three of their last four a loser, but it is what it is. And this is the National Football League.

WINNER: Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have scored 93 points in their last three games and are on an absolute tear.

Not only are the Bengals playing their best football of the year, they are now in control of their own destiny. Though the Pittsburgh Steelers control the tie breaker between the two, Cincinnati will play Pitt towards the end of the year. If Cincinnati wins out, nothing can stop them from making the playoffs.

Get this, the Raiders decided to put all their focus in stopping AJ Green. The Bengals were able to run the ball for over 200 yards in the game. Better yet, Green still came up with 100+ yards Sunday.

LOSER: Pittsburgh Steelers 

The Steelers were unable to win a single game without their starting quarterback. They also lost to Cleveland.

This is one of the many reasons they are a loser of the week. The Steelers now, with a healthy and hopefully rested Big Ben will have to face division rival Baltimore. It is a big game for them, as the Bengals have the Chargers and will likely win their game. Pittsburgh will slide out of the playoff chart with a lost.

WINNER: Tim Tebow

Yes, I like Tim Tebow. And with the buffoonery that occurred in New York Thursday how does a team justify not playing him now. Sanchaze has done enough to earn himself a seat on the bench for at least a game.

It would not be giving up on him, it would just be “sending a message”.

LOSER: Tim Tebow

Is there any chance that with all the hoopla that has surrounded a non-playing Tebow that teams will shy away from signing him unless they plan to play him.  And how many teams actually plan on doing that?

It is not all Tebow’s fault. After all, the Jets are a team playing in New York and running into each others butts.


These are your winner and losers of the week.

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