To Mr. Ryan: Say yes to PED

Mr. Bob Ryan, noted columnist and TV personality, took to the airwaves Sunday morning and used his platform to implore Baseball Hall of Fame voters to say no to who he coined “The Toxic Trio” (Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa).

As Ryan, and many voters like him, seeks to keep the Hall of Fame free from steroid era players, they continue to forget the fans that have kept baseball alive–my generation.

I was seven years old when I witnessed one of the greatest races in the history of sport. McGuire and Sosa’s race to 62 captivated the country and the world. But more importantly, it captivated me.

Those two players took a boy, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and forced him to pledge his loyalty to the sport of baseball.

Like Harry Winston and his jewelry, Sosa and McGuire made off with millions of fans.

These fans are now twenty-something year olds, and should be upset to see current sports writers continue to try to protect their childhood heroes, by taking ours away.

They are attempting to hide our heroes like a businessman hides a receipt from an infamous escort service.

I am apart of the generation that has given baseball a second chance (an opportunity that the league has taken and ran with very well might I add).  I am apart of the generation that saw a sport that was dying and gave it the gift of life.

Baseball would be the way of hockey without us, and we are owed to have our childhood enshrined just like the rest of them.

Ryan admitted that it was not the writers place to seek revenge on players. He admitted that it was impossible to catch everyone.

And now, with all due respect, it’s time to practice what you preach.

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