Speaker Boehner Will Retain His Power

After dividing his troops, getting beat over the head by the president, and conceding  tax hikes that will damage the economy for years to come the speaker of the house will most likely keep his position.

John Boehner, a man who lives all of thirty minutes from my address, has demonstrated exactly how not to go about negotiating such serious legislation.

As the results came through Tuesday, November 6th, Speaker Boehner started figuring out ways he could give in. Instead of laying out a viable, conservative plan with clear arguments as to why it would be best for the nation to not severely tax the rich and decrease regulation.

Instead we got plan B. Which was always plan A. And a plan that was willing to go to the the extreme middle right that would allow the president to get just about everything he was after while giving up little.

Perhaps the reason for it is because he could not tell you why it would be best. Perhaps Boehner truly has no clue what he is doing. He has made a career at trying to blend in. Going to toe to toe with one of the more dynamic presidents in the nation’s history clearly was an unfair position to put him in. He needs to leave, and I am pretty sure any clear thinking conservative would agree. But he’s not. He is going to stay.

And with a ton of dangerous legislation that is bound to be in the national spotlight in the coming years–which includes gun control– we need someone better. Someone that will fire up the conservative base and not look for things to concede.

It’s tough being a conservative.  We can not paint a perfect picture of what things could be if the mean rich men would allow it. We have to try to convince the population that things are the way they are, but can be better with strategic reforms that include lessening government while promoting small business and the private sector.

It takes a lot of charisma to get this point across.

Something that Boehner completely lacks.

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