The Cincinnati Bengals Drain Fans, Bloggers

It is about 15 minutes after the Matt Schaub took his knee to end the Bengals season, and I come before you a battered, tired fan.

I am a Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals fan. I have been since the day I was born, and–barring anything extreme happening in the future, will be one till the day I die. And it is painful to think that I may have 60-80 more years of this junk.

My childhood was plague with bad sports teams. Cincinnati was one of the bigger jokes of sports fans everywhere. While the race-riots were going on in the city, the teams were in their own race. The Bengals raced to the NFL draft where they would pick consistently in the top ten, and the Reds raced to vacations in October after finishing seemingly hundreds of games behind first place.

It was an accepted part of life. You were always cheering for the underdog, and you were likely going to lose at the end of the day. And then Carson Palmer came, and life got really, really hard.

Cincinnati sports teams are just good enough to break your heart as a fan. You want to get behind your boys so much throughout the season, you plead with them to take your passion and excitement. However, they give you no return on your investment. Another one and done playoff series, wild card round.

It’s disheartening, and whats worse is that you know as soon as another Cincinnati team show any sign of life (like a Reds player picking up a bat or a football being found at Paul Brown Stadium), you are sucked back in and throwing your allegiance towards the organization.  Take my time, take my money…take my happiness. ?

It’s only been 25 minutes after a tough Bengals lost that saw Andy Dalton throw for an amazing -6 yards in the first half. I probably should not be spewing these emotions now. However I know that they won’t go away for a really long time anytime. Might as well air them out now.

And you know what is really tough on the psyche? Knowing that I, as a Cincinnati sports fan, can no longer see making the playoffs as a successful season for these talented teams. I may never be happy again!

I am going to end my rant now. Maybe I will have some real content up tomorrow over the first two games of the playoffs.

Enjoy the night my friends.

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