I’m from Ohio. I don’t hate Ohio State (though I do prefer Akron and Cincinnati). I do hate when people where Ohio State gear around Akron’s campus. Anyway.

Ohio State is ranked the tenth best team in the country before the polls are released today.  And quite frankly I am not sure why.

OSU has done nothing to claim one of the top spots in the country. In their games against ranked opponents, they have a 1-5 record. The victory came against Michigan. While that is an impressive win, they are rivals and they were at home. You are supposed to beat your rival at home right?

Ohio State has a 17-6 record, they lost to Illinois by 19 earlier in the year.

They really have one good two good player on their team, Aaron Craft and Deshun Thomas.  They just do not have enough for me to get excited over them. After loosing twice to teams that are ranked one and three this week, chances are they will fall slightly.

At this point I would not mind seeing them fall all the way down into the 20’s.

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