Ohio State Senator: Payback Time?

According to this article, Female Democrat Nina Turner is tired of what she thinks is hypocrisy. Turner has introduced legislation to force men to go through a series of steps before receiving drugs like Viagra.

Turner’s legislation has no chance at passing, but it throws a whole new wrinkle into the abortion debate that so many have overlooked for so long. The two sides are fighting over different things!

Turner has come to the conclusion that the reason conservative men are against woman having abortions is because of a deep hatred towards women. That they have a lust to control women.

I think you will have a hard time finding someone who is pro-life because he feels that woman should not be allowed to dictate her body. The reason why people are pro-life is because they feel that the fetus deserves to live.

Her legislation (may we call it satire legislation?) makes no sense. It isn’t funny and is a waste of time. This type of childish antics on a senate floor is embarrassing.

When a liberal is debating abortion, they are thinking about the woman’s right to do with her body as she chooses. It has completely disregarded the mere thought that the fetus is a living thing. For Turner, this idea has evaporated. Once you understand this, you can see where she is coming from.

*Conservatives hate woman. So I hate men, particularly older men.*

It’s backwards thinking. And most of us can see through it. However, there is sure to be a contingent who will support her in her future endeavors. God bless them.

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