Big Brother Power Rankings

It’s official: I am spending two hours a day thinking about the reality TV show Big Brother. I can’t help it. I am not a fan of the meat head guys and slutty girls that seem to have run rampant in the house, creating destruction everywhere they go, but the game play this season has been spectacular.

I am going to rank who I think has had the best game play so far in the house from top to bottom. Included in these rankings is how they have set themselves up for the future.

Without further ado:

14. Aaryn: Aaryn has played one of the poorest games in the history of Big Brother. Her HOH  was turned on its head, she failed to make a single deal to protect herself, and she depended on an alliance that she does not know about that fell apart. On top of that, she has used racist terms that has made the other house guest uncomfortable. The cute blonde could have laid low and played a meticulous game, instead she has picked up a target and strapped it to her back. And when she leaves the house, she will be out of a job. 

13. GinaMarie: Last night sucked for her. After loosing her best friend in the house, Big Brother legend Dan described her mourning as “scream crying.” I thought it belonged at a funeral to someone who has known someone for their entire life and is now forced to say goodbye. She carried on and on, while Nick sat in his chair outside the house a little embarrassed. As far as game play, she now has nothing. She must start from scratch. Though she may not be a big target, I just don’t see her making a big impact on the game.

12. McCrea: I am very disappointed in McCrea. The Big Brother fantactic has allowed himself to come under the spell of his showmance Amanda and voted out what was the leader of an alliance that was supposed to take him to the final five. I am not sure what his plan is for the rest of the season, but riding on the coat tails of Amanda seems to be a top priority.

11. Jeremy: Egotistical Jeremy has himself a girl and a won competition, what else could a guy ask for? Perhaps an alliance? Jeremy decided to vote against his alliance last week, and then threatened them this week to not vote his girlfriend (who was never on the block) out. He now has a huge target and will likely either be put up or backdoored this week.    

10. Kaitlin: Kaitlin has done nothing in this game besides hook up with Jeremy. She has shown that she wants to play the game though by sending Jeremy to talk with the guys about protecting her. But overall she has been the most boring character of the game.

9. Spencer: We leave the most boring player for the most intriguing. Spencer, when he was with the Moving Company, seemed to have everything under control. However, he decided to take out one his biggest allies yesterday when he voted to evict Nick. I am not sure what he has planned, but I am getting a feeling that the house is on to him, and he needs to make a move fast.

8. Howard Howard has pretended not to be a strong player in this game, but who does he think he’s kidding? His arms alone would be enough for me to know that this guy means business. I feel that Jeremy will be the target this week for Helen, but Howard could be shot in the cross fire. He can not throw the veto if elected to play.

7. Andy: Andy is a quick thinker. He took a big risk by going to Aaryn and admitting up front that he voted to evict David, but it paid off for him. He als voted to evict Nick yesterday, which also took guts. Andy reminds me of Ian, expect he has had a far greater social game from the start. I am also willing to bet that he is a bit more physically capable than Ian as it comes to competitions.

6. Jesse Jesse is a wildcard in the game. I feel she has a lot of offer, but has not gotten around to showing her hand just yet. She made the right choice and picked the right side of the house, which in theory should land her three weeks protection (but Big Brother is always shaken up). She has no target on her back and right now is pretty much cursing. It’s weird, but I think of her as that one fleet footed girl from Hunger Games. She is able to go around the house unnoticed, she just needs to avoid the berry.

5. Candace: Candace has not done much in the competitions, but she has played a role in the actual game. She continues to urge her female companions to team together. Half of this is because she suspects a male alliance (the now defunct “Moving Company”) but also because women in Big Brother history tend to go after one another and knock each other out. She has played a solid game, has stay relevant while creating no enemies.

4. Judd: Judd reminds me a lot of myself. If I were to play the game, I think I would do things similarly. I would not be an uber-athletic contestant, but I would have a strong social game. Plus, if I needed to win a challenge, I think I could pull a couple out–much like I think Judd can. I like where he is at, but I think he needs to protect his boarders and strengthen relationships a bit.

3. Amanda: One of the reasons why people did not think it was fair for woman to have voting rights was because it would “give married men two votes.” The idea was that woman would just follow their husbands lead, and single men would be screwed. The thinking is backwards, but in this game it has some truth. Expect for the woman following a man part. Amanda has McCrea wrapped around his finger, and now she has two votes in every eviction. She is sitting pretty for now.

2. Helen: Maybe buying into Helen so much, at this stage, is a little much. However I love where she is at in this game. She clearly has a strong sense of the house, she knows how she wants to play this game, she is on the right side of the house, she has Elissa as her biggest ally which help her because Elissa is the bigger target, and now she has won the third HOH and can try to take out a big competitor. She could take this thing.

1. Elissa: It would be unfair to put anyone besides Elissa in this spot right now. She came in with a huge target on her back, but has been able to weasel her way out of the trouble twice in two evictions. She now has her buddy Helen in power, and Elissa will likely win the next MVP (this time she may not even need her sister). Things are good for Rachel’s sister this week.


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