George Zimmerman trial highlights and opinions

I have kept a sharp eye on “the” trial for the past weeks, and tonight we have received the verdict of not guilty. I wanted to run through some of the things that have made an impact on me, or bothered me, throughout this case.

Trayvon Martin’s Sweatshirt and Dr. Vincent DiMaio

Watching Dr. Vincent DiMaio work the court room was amazing. He understood exactly what he doing from start to finish. He was able to prove that Martin was on top, leaning forward (to hit Zimmerman), when shot. This forced the prosecution to focus on before the fight, and blaming Zimmerman on starting the altercation.

There was just not enough evidence after that for the jury to lock him up for 30 years with a man slaughter conviction. It was very strong.

Zimmerman accuses Martin of circling his car. 

In the video made soon after the incident, Zimmerman accused Martin of circling his car before walking to the dog path. That made no sense at all. Why would Martin decided to circle his car? Even if Martin was trying to be tough, it is beyond me why he would go out of his way to turn around and circle him.

And if that was the case, why would Zimmerman get out to check for an address after that happening? I would stay in the car if someone who I saw as a threat had just circled me like a shark.

One shot fired

Zimmerman took one shot. If he was hunting down Martin, I feel that he would have fired more. The fact that he just needed one shot does help his side of the story. I also feel that if he had shot more than once, he would have been in some serious trouble.

Don West 

This guy was the biggest clown in the court room. No seriously, he was one of the few that told a joke. He trolled the court like no one I have ever seen, but at the end of the day he stuck up for his client throughout the weeks. He was the prefect associate lawyer. Mark O’Mara was the charming, always thinking part, while West was not afraid to get his hands dirty. They had a great combination.

Zimmerman falling the wrong way in the Same video

This is probably small, but I can not get pass it. In the video, Zimmerman is saw walking all the way to the end of the side walk, and then tells that he is headed back to the car. When he starts walking back, once he passes the dog walk, he says that he was then confronted by Martin. He then says that he gets punched and starts wailing towards where Martin is standing, down the dog path, and points to where he fell.

If he was punched, wouldn’t he go away from Martin? Wouldn’t he go towards the car? I don’t understand how he got from point A to point B. In a fight, it is always moving, but Zimmerman never said anything like that. In fact, he was quite clear that he was started moving that way. It was confusing.

Martin’s past hidden while Zimmerman’s allowed. 

I did not like this at all. Zimmerman’s college files was brought up because he wanted to be a police officer and had learned about the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. He did say that he did not know anything about it, but allowing it and keeping Martin hidden was rotten in my opinion.

In a college course, you are having so much thrown at you that it is not uncommon to forget a few things. Stand Your Ground is a major law, but it is possible that, in the after mass of the biggest event in his life, he had forgotten.

I think Martin’s history does have a factor in that night. I think it was unfair for the jury not to be allowed to look at it. I understand though, he was the victim.

Post trial problems

To be honest, I am torn by this. Rioting is bad, but it could save a life tonight. Urban blacks have had a horrid time at staying safe. There are murders virtually every night on the streets of our city. It is a tragic truth that is accepted by our society, and that in it self is disgusting.

I hope, that if chaos does arise, that maybe someone who was going to be involved in a dangerous area is instead somewhere else. Marches are safe, riots are not. I plead with anyone who plans to protest to stay safe and be smart, for the memory of Trayvon Martin depends on it.


This has been one of the most craziest, unique cases in American history. At the end of the day, it proves that you can defend yourself in the state of Florida. However, a 17 year old is still dead.

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