Timothy Geithner: our failures are your phony scandals

Timothy Geithner and the White House have designed a new tactic to combat the newly aggressive White House press core. Announcing that nearly a half dozen major events, that prove incompetence from the top, are simple “phony” or “fake” scandals.

The Benghazi scandal last year appears to be a failure of communication and/or action. Perhaps the men that served there could not have been saved. But the failure to at least try to save them is mystifying. Some go as far as to accuse the president as watching the men die without lifting a finger.

The worst part about it was the response. President Obama was quick to declare the cause was the fault of a conservative movie maker who put the image of the Prophet Muhammad in one of his films. It was later discovered that did not have anything to do with a small budget film. It was an attack.

Meanwhile, in my home town Cincinnati, the IRS was taking part in one of its largest crimes in its history. Democrats have pleaded to media and watchdogs to close their eyes and turn their heads. However, as the committee continues to dig into the problem, more and more damning evidence is revealed. It continues to rise up the chain of command, now one of Obama’s own appointees are accused to be involved.

Geithner insulting the press core and the American people by announcing these two, and other, stories as phony is a disgrace. He’s lying, and he’s just not very good at it.

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