Bridgegate: Conservatives need to stop referring to liberal mistakes

I have been a supporter of Chris Christie just as the many that pay attention to politics have. I find his tough-but-fair nature appealing. He has the feel of someone who gets the job done and is willing to get his hands dirty to get it accomplished. I was excited to watch him run for office in 2015/2016.

Now that Bridgegate has swarmed the media, people are taking their sides. The Left has started a deadly attack aiming to end Christie’s chances at any further advancement. That’s fair, this scandal is going to have its consequences, and it only makes sense that the Left will try to magnify them.

The Right will defend their guy too. Again, complete sense. However, I am tried of seeing things like this making its rounds.


Admittedly, this cartoon has two targets. One is POTUS and his scandals that the Left has demanded people look away from. The other is the liberal media. I want to focus for this purpose on trying to shift focus to the POTUS and the “he did it too and therefore so can we.” attitude that seems to be developing.

Christie is a leader in the Republican party. Though he does not hold any political office that designates him power, he has the ability to effect its platform. He is popular in America and if you are in his party and go against him it probably won’t work out for you. The Republican party is going through its own struggles right now trying to defined itself. I noticed that Christie has almost been the perfect in between candidate for both of them.

Christie is responsible. He should have been on top of the scandal from the start. However, in the last few days he has done all the right things. He fired a top aid, Bridget Ann Kelly, and delivered a powerful speech about not being a bully and correcting mistakes that has happened. Christie needs to make his media rounds to continue to stay on top and liked by the public. 

Christie is taking responsibility. The Right needs to follow. You can not criticize someone and then let something pass just because he is on your side. The Right holds the president to a high standard. It needs to hold its leaders to an even higher standard. That is the way to win the American public.

Trying to distract attention away from the Christie issue onto Obama’s (old news) problems is not the way to go about it. Stand behind the man, highlight the positives about the measures that Christie has taken and show that your party’s leaders display values and leadership.

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